Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going Provincial - Balamban & Asturias Part 1

It has been quite sometime since I've had the chance to smell fresh provincial air and see a different scenery. I live in Cebu and we are quite known for our pristine beaches but you're in for a treat because we didn't go sun-bathing this time. By treat I meant food heaven, this is a food blog after all. I'll also be featuring some of the activities you can do when you visit Balamban, Cebu City Philippines. 

A big hefty thank you to Ms. Lyris Aventuna and her fiancĂ© from planning the itenerary, for the warm welcome, food & logistics. They were very gracious enough to let us experience close to everything that their town has to offer. It was a fun-filled trip cramped in 7 hours; short but sweet \';'/
Johnna's Liempo Haus
For inquiries please call formerly Kristian Liempo is situated in front of the Balamban Church.   

that's pure juicy goodness ahhrrrggg!

Balamban is home of the famous LIEMPO. There are a lot of grill haus in Cebu City serving liempo, they're sprouting like mushrooms; you can associate it when lechon manok was in hype. Cebu City has Mr. Liempo, Kusina ni Nasing and one of them is even named Balamban Liempo (name derived from where liempo could've possibly originated). All of them has their distinct taste but I could say that Johnna's Liempo Haus deserves to have the name of "the original". The meat is so tender and soft that it would literally melt in your mouth, ohhhh and the taste is terrific rhymes with perfect! But like what I said liempo is common in the city but prawns (tiger prawns) are usually served on special occasions only because crustaceans are quite pricey. Balamban has their own prawn farm, they also grow red & black tilapia & bangus. The dish below were cooked in garlic and butter and I must say that the shrimps tasted very sweet and succulent. My daughter love love loves shrimps that she asked me to buy some fresh prawns to take home back to the city. 

garlic buttered prawns ala Aventuna
our feast! =) too bad you can only feast with your eyes... tee heee
It is my pleasure to introduce you to --- our food \';'/  Clockwise from 12 o'clock : Spicy chicken wings, Pork Caldereta, Pancit Canton Guisado, Garlic Buttered Prawns & Liempo ala Balamban
Isa's Bingkahan Moron
For inquiries please call 09066027535
you can fin this right along the road of  Owak,Asturias

What sets this stall apart from the rest that is lined up along the road is that his bibingka recipe has egg and milk which has made it so mouthwatering and soft. Each pack is carefully  wrapped in banana leaf and each pack cotains 3 bibingka's for the price of  Php 20??? Yeah you read it right! 20 freakin' pesos only. 
I seriously want more where that came from!  It seems like everything is priced less here, the prawns were priced at Php 370/ kilo and the red tilapia is at Php 150/kilo.

Life is good , less expensive and much less complicated ;-)

Watch out for my next post on the exciting activities we had on this trip =)