Friday, August 19, 2011

Pumpkin Soup

I would call this one an upgraded version of the locally known "dinuldog".  You can go light or creamy with this soup. For this round, I just added milk. This plain pumpkin soup is actually jam packed with a lot more than what you see. This is very delicious and good source of vitamins for your little ones and adults alike. My daughter is sometimes a picky eater and she can finish up a bowl of this. The main ingredients for this would be what you see below. Just make sure that if you choose a medium-sized gourd that your other ingredients would be rationally proportioned. Normally, I'd use a regular blender, but since mine went kablam! I used a stick blender and it still turned out the way I wanted; kitchen crisis averted! =)

 1/8 cup cooking oil
1/8 pumpkin or squash, sliced to smaller bits
1 white onion, 
3-4 cloves garlic,
2 potatoes,
2 carrots, 
chicken stock (just enough to cover ingredient while simmering)
salt and pepper
milk / regular or coconut cream
Prepare chicken stock ahead (you can use cubes or boil chicken bones). Chop pumpkin into matchbox sizes; mince onion, garlic, potatoes and carrots. In a pot, put cooking oil, saute garlic and white onions for 1 minute. Saute pumpkin and stir it once in a while for about 5 minutes. Add in chicken stock, throw in the potatoes and carrots and simmer until all the ingredients are soft. Remove from heat. Using a blender, throw in the mixture and blend until its consistency is smooth.

If using regular cream or coconut cream, put the smooth mixture back into the pot and add in cream and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring to incorporate the cream into the mixture. Serve while still hot. Top with croutons or serve with garlic bread.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ava Alturas' FINE ARTS

Ava Alturas ' FINE ARTS

She usually pins them up on our cork board & whenever she pins something new she calls my attention and says "Mom, look! my fine arts" (with her cute foreign accent, only happens whenever she feels American) LOL . I'm a mother and a very proud one. That year when she knew how to hold a pen she had already started scribbling. I can still remember years ago, her so-called "people" looked liked worms. She even drew us as a family, we all looked like caterpillars back then and look at them now, they have hands and feet. She still has a lot to grow, I know! I am not in a rush. At 4 years of age, she never seizes to amaze and bring me joy every day. <3 Much love to my baby girl Arabella <3

P.S. I still don't know where she got the term "fine arts".

Hello Ariel

Hello Ariel \^♦^/

Drawing, one of the few hobbies that I share in interest with my daughter Ava Alturas. Will post pics of her "fine arts" soon (that's what she calls her drawings hahahhaha). We have a little bulletin board in our room and she pins her drawing there and says "Mom, look at my fine arts" that got me laughing. Joys of being a mom <3