Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good HouseWarming

If you are wondering why the title is such, my officemates and I spontaneously played around the idea of making an issue for the Good Housekeeping.
Something along with the coverline of "Housewarming Turned Culinary Tutelage" (LOL).
Before I would detour to that culinary experience I am so excited to talk about. I would like to focus more on the contents of Ms. Cheir's abode and the housewarming. A housewarming event in the Philippines would start with the blessing of the house officiated by a priest and is most often than not exclusive to the members of the family. Filipinos are very well known for their fun and free spirit, so it is but natural that it be followed by merriment and we were basically invited to the fun part, EATING!!! My officemate, Ms. Cheir owns a  lechon business. For orders and inquiries, you may call.
    Matheo's Lechon
    1252 Leyson St. Talamban Cebu City
    contact number: 09282207769 / (032) 3450983
  look for Mark Medalle

This would approximately be a 20-30 minute ride to the northern part of the city. Lechon is a big thing in Cebu City so it deserves to be talked about extensively in another post.
Cherrie's Kitchen
I'll start this post about the interior of their new house. I am not that technically keen on interiors but if the space is charming and equally functional, then that is something worth talking about. In all parts of the house, I would say that I love kitchen spaces. I'd like to enumerate the characteristics I liked about her kitchen; there are quite a few, actually =)
  • It is a custom-made kitchen.
  • It has lot of cabinets & drawers perfect for storing dishes, kitchen wares and utensils. 
  • It has a kitchen window. This literally opens up to a lot of advantages,
    • It is energy-efficient as it would allow both air and light to come in during the day time.
    • Potted herbs or plants can be accessible through the windows.
    • You can do some work in the kitchen and at the same time watch over kids playing in the front yard (a lot like what you see in the movies).
  • Her free standing cooker has a range hood, so heat disperses easily and in one direction.
  • The gas tank has it's own compartment that is well hidden from sight.
  • Granite slabs for counter tops. Tiled kitchen is something that I find very burdensome to maintain.
  • U-shape layout stimulates efficiency around the kitchen. 
  • It was well put together in a antique cherry finish which gives that warm rustic look.
The dining table was very spacious, it was parallel to a glass sliding door. This area takes in a lot of light and air flowing freely, again, very energy efficient. A perfect venue for an almost al fresco breakfast or an afternoon coffee gazing aimlessly outside. Who wouldn't want to have some downtime ei? 

The round petal pillows are very chic and trendy this season, might be made of fleece fabric. They can be found in any Metro department stores. Metro Ayala Cebu sells them at Php 499 /piece. 

If you don't want to splurge, you can  always get creative by following these DIY crafts online. 
Finally, the guest bathroom

Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures of the rooms and the whole house. But, Ms. Cherrie's house was made up of 4 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, 1 for her daughter, 1 guest room and 1 for their help. 

But I was able to capture some pictures of the adorable little angels of my fellow blogger moms.
meet Nean of  http://mommynean.blogspot.com and lil mischievous Maya =) both sporting a dainty and floral ensemble
meet Carmel of http://confessionsofarookiemum.blogspot.com/ and baby Garrie sporting a classic red and black motiff
I love how the little girls emulate their moms style.

My next post will be all about the big roasted pig \-.'/

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