Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cheesy and Meaty Baked Ziti in Tomato Sauce

Cheesy and Meaty Baked Ziti in Tomato Sauce

This is actually a smaller version of what I had cooked for my tatay's(dad) birthday. This is right there on top of my favorite dishes, but I am accustomed to eating it with bechamel sauce. The most convenient and reasonably priced restaurant where you can get a good helping of baked ziti is at Sbarro, a local restaurant. This food just brings back fond memories, this was already an indulgence for a bunch of college friends trying to make the most of their weekly budget. It really didn't matter where we ate, it was just rounding up the circle for food trip (Hahahaha good times!!!)

Well, this is my version and I am opting for a lesser evil, lesser caloric content; hence, I served our guests baked ziti in tomato sauce. The picture below is the bigger verion, that serves 12 people with big appetite.

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