Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kaya Toast

I lived in Singapore for 9 months and loved the gastronomic experience it brought
my stomach. Although, I rarely dined out on pricey restaurants, I didn't fail in testing some unique dishes -- hawker style! If you're taste buds are open to options, Singapore can offer you a cultural "melting pot" without going over your daily budget.  Hawker centers are a large grouping of food stalls where they can ofter you Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Singaporean, and if you are lucky, Filipino plates all in one area.

Local hawker centers or TOAST BOX (a part of the Bread Talk group of companies) can serve you this combination; Kaya toast, soft boiled eggs w/ soy & tea tarik. Don't you just love waking up to this kind of breakfast? Apart from the bad rep of these cholesterol-filled soft boiled eggs, uncle and aunties (term they used for the elderly) even enjoy two, in one sitting; it is best served with soy mixed into the eggs. 
Well, I certainly don't have any problems with it. =)

The way I prepare this is to first toast your bread, it doesn't matter if it's plain or french. Spread kaya on the bread, then mix in something of your preference; I just had lite butter available. You can combine kaya with peanut butter, margarine, jams or what have you. Fold the bread in half or put another slice on top, then dip it on the soft- boiled egg + soy mixture. You should get a right mix of sweet and salty flavors all in one toast. For my beverage, I always have been a fan of tea tarik (literally "pulled tea", this is an Indian method of making milk tea); you can also pair this with Kopi-C or Kopi-O ( just cofee... LOL) ...

~ Missing Singapore ~

Right above is my homemade kaya. This is made out of the following ingredients
6 eggs
500 g sugar*
  300 g coconut milk
pandan leaves

* I used mascuvado sugar

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