Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheesecake Brownies

A special slice for a VIP

I bought a big slab(1k) of dark chocolate last saturday and was thinking of ways how to make good use of it. I also saw that I had some cream cheese from my fajita, isn't that a great mix? Bittersweet chocolate and cream cheese with a little bit of lovin <3 . Way before I started cooking, my tendencies were geared towards baking. It started with just moist cakes, brownies and the likes. Then came this most challenging piece I had made for my little girl's birthday; a doll cake. I was crazy experimenting with fondant having little knowledge on how to handle it, what was I thinking! 
(I will try to post the picture on a separate entry; that's if I can find it.) 

Going back to the cheesecake, instead of the usual biscuit crust I opted to have brownies for base. The cheesecake mix was supposed to be just refrigerated and not baked but I was not happy with the firmness of the cheesecake after a few hours of freezing it so I decided to bake it for a couple of minutes and vhoom! (hehehe how is that for sound effects?). It doesn't look perfect but I reckon it taste uh-mazing ;~)
 Did it?

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